Minor Project

Title: Technical Project Competition


About the event:

The mini project event, conducted by ECE Department of SRM IST, Ramapuram Campus, is a multi disciplinary project competition where participants can showcase their innovative ideas which can solve the current social or technical problems.
The registration fees for a team or individual is Rs.150/-.
Rules & Regulations
1. Registration is mandatory for all participants. The registration process is not complete until the registration fee is received.
2. Students may participate individually or in a team (maximum of 4 members). All members of the team should register in one form. No team isallowed to submit more than one project.
3. Participants are responsible for all aspects of the development of their project.
4. Participant(s) must set up their project, remain with it throughout their judging period, and remove it at the end of the event.
5. Participants must be prepared to answer judge’s questions about the content and development of their projects.
6. Participants must come with their own required equipment or tools, including extension cords. Outlets will be provided depending upon the availability.
7. Students are solely responsible for the security and safety of their project and equipment.
8. No hazardous, toxic or flammable materials are to be used. Candles, Bunsen burners and electrical heating devices (i.e., hot plates) are not allowed.
9. Participants and their parents and/or guardians must abide by all rules and other judgments set for by the Event Committee. Failure to do so may result in the team’s disqualification.
Faculty Co-ordinator :
1. Pradeep Doss M.
2.N. Mageshkumar
Student Co-ordinator :
1. Debol Das:8972620108
2. Govindan Unni:8220889692